Hi, my name is Dominik Johann.
I draw pictures and make games.


A hypertext game that was created to destroy itself after a lifetime of 10 seconds.
Videogame, Interaction, Illustration, Sound


A fast-paced browser-based musical reaction game that doesn't allow for any mistakes ever.
Videogame, Interaction, Sound

The Message

An interactive fiction hypertext game about space and the stuff in it.
Videogame, Interaction, Illustration


A multiplayer action game about regaining privacy in overwhelming situations.
Videogame, Interaction, Illustration


Pixel art for Glitchnap's local multiplayer technofuture hypercombat jousting game.
Illustration, Videogame, Pixel Art

Petty Thieves

A tiny webcomic journal created to catalogue and reflect on bits and pieces of everyday life.
Comic, Illustration

Tiny Illustrations

A series of quick low-resolution drawings that started out as mail signatures at an agency job.

Brave Wave – Year One

Cover artwork for Brave Wave's Year One EP, featuring Eirik Suhrke, Manami Matsumae, Benjamin Briggs and more.

Game Music Festival

Pixel art for Loudr's Game Music Festival, an event celebrating videogame music.
Illustration, Pixel Art

Haywire Magazine

Cover illustrations for independent gaming publication Haywire Magazine.

Indie Game Developers

Portraits of Michael Brough, Anna Anthropy and Jonas & Verena Kyratzes for WASD.
Illustration, Print


Animated pixel art intro for German gaming website Polygonien.
Animation, Illustration, Sound

Cat Days Are Over

A one-minute hand-drawn animated short about alternative energies and cat murder.
Animation, Illustration, Sound

Misc. Pixel Art

Various illustrations in pixel art style.
Illustration, Videogame, Pixel Art